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VYS was conceived in October 2012 and brought to life in July 2020 by Founder and President Rafael M. Tarrau. Originally from Venezuela, Rafael grew up near the coast, immersed in a seafaring lifestyle. At age 12, he acquired his first boat, sparking a lifelong passion for yachting. This passion led him to attend Maritime School in Fort Lauderdale, where he gained the knowledge necessary to become a successful Captain of mega yachts up to 50 meters, amassing over 20 years of industry experience.

Throughout his career, Rafael mastered the intricacies of the yachting industry, which he now leverages in sales and acquisitions. VYS boasts an extensive network of sales professionals, support teams, industry experts, and customers, forming the cornerstone of our success. We have earned the trust of clients across the United States and around the globe. VYS is renowned for its unparalleled industry expertise, global reach, and commitment to delivering the results our customers expect.


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